Mood swings, hot and cold flashes, and night sweats are widely known as symptoms of menopause. However, mention “itchy skin”, “burning tongue”, or “electric shock” and the possibilities are, not many individuals would identify these as menopausal symptoms. Various women encounter these strange and unusual menopausal symptoms daily. Whenever they occur, because they are unfamiliar and not frequently talked about, women are often unsure of what to do, or to whom they might turn. This can leave women feeling frightened, anxious, insecure, and isolated, to say the least. In sharing these strange and unusual menopausal symptoms and my personal encounter with one symptom in particular; I wish that women, whether pre-menopausal, peri-menopausal, or menopausal, will learn and be empowered with information about these symptoms

I was in my mid to late 40’s when I had my first personal encounter with menopause. All the menopausal symptoms I had previously experienced could be considered mild to moderate, compared to those of my colleagues at work and at my church. However, one day I had a very strange and unusual symptom, which I refer to as one of the “mystery” symptoms of menopause.

The strange and unusual symptom occurred in my left arm. I can only describe this feeling as a “winding-grrrrr-feeling” that felt like an electrical charge running up deep inside my arm. It lasted about 30 seconds and was gone. When it first happened, I thought the feelings were from my cell phone in my pocket. Only, the vibrations stopped shortly, and my phone was not in my pocket. I had looked around questioningly, to see whether my body had touched some electrical equipment or something, but I hadn’t because I was standing alone in the middle of the room. While it was not painful, it left me feeling frightened, anxious, insecure, and isolated.

I had forgotten about this mystery feeling until it recurred twice in one month, a couple months later. I had never heard of this electrical-like-charged symptom before, fear and embarrassment kept me from mentioning it to anyone. My thoughts though, were that this mystery symptom could be related to menopause. One day, I summoned the courage and began speaking about it with one of my colleagues (who was also going through menopause). Together, we both started laughing and saying, “Oh, you too?” It was so unusual that neither of us had never heard of this strange and unusual symptom before; had thought something was wrong with us; and was now sharing our experience for the first time.

Since sharing my story with my colleague, I have not stopped thinking about other women with similar experiences who might be just as frightened as we were. My passion has since been ignited to share information about menopause in all possible ways; with the hope that women could benefit by improving their knowledge; and calming their fears about menopausal symptoms in general and strange and unusual symptoms in particular.

In my search for meaning of this electric-like feeling, I learned that this particular mystery symptom is known as “electric shock. It is one of several mystery symptoms associated with menopause, which include, burning tongue, itchy skin, incontinence, body odor changes, panic disorders, and tingling extremities. These, combined with the more commonly known menopausal symptoms total about 34.

Not all these symptoms will be experienced by every menopausal woman. Additionally, some of these symptoms might also occur with other medical conditions. Therefore, everyone who experiences any of these symptoms is being urged to consult with a medical doctor for further follow up. Finally, whether pre-menopausal, peri-menopausal, or menopausal; it is hoped that women will learn more about well known as well as strange and unusual menopausal symptoms, in order to help improve their coping skills if they should experience them.

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Claudette McFarquhar is a Registered Nurse with a PhD in Education. She has over 30 years of experience as a Nurse, and as an Educator. She has a wealth of experience and information about Menopause that she shares freely at her website. To learn more, visit and get information that could change your life.

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